Coming Soon: Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice

In the upcoming months I will be serializing a project I was debating on publishing to KDP in the fall. This decision was not an easy one, but ultimately, I think this will work out better. This way, new readers can decide if this is a story they’d like to invest their hearts into for the future.

What the heck is it?

Glad you asked, reader! Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice is a cozy mystery novel that follows Addison March as she runs back to her hometown of Grandloc, Michigan after a relationship goes sour. She throws herself into her work – helping her mom run the local bakery – when she stumbles upon a horrifying scene.

The whole town of Grandloc is shaken from the murder. After all, these small town folk weren’t accustomed to such heinous crimes. Addison, for one, cannot let it go and joins her childhood best friend Kayla, now a police officer, in solving the murder.

Between baking award-winning treats for the townfolk, investigating a murder, and shamelessly flirting with the town’s resident heartthrob, Addison has her hands full.

When and how often will you be posting?

Another great question! I plan on posting the first chapter later this week, and a chapter every week after that. As for the time of day, I’m not certain.

Are you planning to publish this as a whole after it’s completed?

I haven’t thought that far ahead. My original plan was to publish in September as a whole, but this just makes more sense to me. Maybe, if enough people ask!

Remember, if this sounds like a story you’d be interested in reading, give this blog a follow and be on the lookout for my next post!

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