Killer Dreams

Last night, I had one of the most bizarre dreams I can actively recall. I have a fairly active unconscious mind, so I dream often and I dream big. This time? I’m not gonna lie, it was a little frightening and confusing. Here goes:

In the dream, I lived in an apartment complex which reminded me of the ones I had lived in back when I was in the Midwest. No porch, no getting into your apartment from the outside. You got to your place by walking down a hall and there would be a nice lobby, and a wall of everyone’s mailboxes.

Not too weird to start, right? Until I found out I witnessed part of my neighbor being murdered. I was standing on this wooden dock, surrounded by trees and overlooking a beautiful lake. I could see directly into my neighbor’s apartment and saw this pregnant woman in a cat costume. She was screaming for help, looking right at me. Then I saw a man in a polo shirt and tan slacks carrying a bat or something, moving towards the woman, his wife.

I got wigged out and went inside my own apartment before I called my brother, who lives out of state. He said he would be around soon (in reality, we’ve been talking about another visit soon, so this makes sense).

The rest of the dream I spent making sure I was never alone – which is probably a testament to my fear of men (I have so many stories to tell about this, because as crazy as women are portrayed, I’ve never seen a woman lose her shit the way men have). I talked to different neighbors, two potheads who looked to be in their early 20s and super chill. They told me that the neighbor I saw before was Scott Peterson.

That’s right. The Scott Peterson, the one incarcerated in San Quentin prison for murdering his super pregnant wife.

It was a bizarre dream and I never saw more than the back of his head for the rest of it, but it was almost as if my unconscious mind was self-soothing from the sheer terror of knowing I lived next to a cold-blooded killer.

When my kids were dropped off and my brother showed up, I told him about it all and said we had to stay together at all times. He was super calm, but he’s always been chill.

The really weird part happened after I woke up. I thought to myself, that was weird, but let me do a little digging on this guy. Growing up, I remember watching the updates about Laci Peterson’s disappearance and the trial. I was probably far too young to be tuning in but I was already desensitized to the harsh realities of the world what with my early introduction into crime shows like CSI and Law & Order.

I read up on Scott Peterson and found out he went to ASU on a golf scholarship, had at least two extramarital affairs, was caught lying about… well, everything. Now, im not going to explain why some of the details were weird to me because hey, I have to keep some parts of my life private, but what I will say is: Sometimes the signs and synchronicities come in unexpected ways… like a convicted killer showing up in your dream.

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