As an Empath, I…

If you were to ask me what the most irritating start of a sentence was, I’d tell you it’s the title of this blog post.

I’ve had conversations between friends about the amount of egomaniacs and actual narcissists who use, “As an empath, I-” because the thing about an empath is that they don’t feel the need to say stuff like that.

Everyone has come to terms with Shane Dawson faking his empathy, right? Not only is that phrase a tell, but there’s also the body language. Don’t look for the shoulders slumping or one side of the body leaning out. If you look at their eyes and eyebrows, you can tell when someone is feigning interest.

With that said, maybe I’ve been on witchtok too long, but the amount of tarot readers who talk about being an empath and then give justification for doing something shady or saying something unfounded and untrue… my brain can’t handle it anymore.

I know, everyone wants a following or to make a buck but these so-called psychic mediums are doing the most with this phrase. Don’t get it twisted, I’m a spiritual bitch as much as the next (and I’m still focused more on my shadow work than anything), but I stand by my phrase: if you have to say, “I’m an empath” you’re probably not.

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