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Don’t Make It Weird

Anyone who’s new here knows that things are bound to get weird so naturally I’m here to introduce you to my new favorite podcast, and the only one I listen to religiously:

Looks interesting and fun enough right? I can promise you, it is so much more than that.

Don’t Make It Weird is a new podcast by writers for writers and anyone interested in hearing the wild stories of Dina’s life, with the hosting help of Daniel (not Danq as I so prudely said in Twitter Spaces the other night), and the production magic of Sean.

Last week we were graced with the fantastical writer of The Oath and Blood Price, Peter-Shaun Tyrell (look for my review coming out as soon as I find my lost scheduled posts or rewrite it). Next week Jess the Mess will be on attempting to not get hammered during a game of Buffalo.

On a more serious note: I love seeing my friends doing podcasts, writing books, and succeeding in the writing community and in life. This podcast is my Monday morning glimmer of hope, and I know that Dina has so much more to share with the world! So stay tuned for her stories and many more guest speakers to come!

Follow them all below:

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