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The Oath and Blood Price

Peter-Shaun Tyrell. Our resident Limey Twitter buddy and author of The Oath and Blood Price (also featured as a guest on the Don’t Make It Weird podcast).

This dude slid into my DMs to ask if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing his book. For anyone reading this, I’ll tell you what I told him: Fuck yeah, my scheduling is all over the place but I’m all for reading and reviewing indie books! (Note: This is a rewrite because my scheduled posts have been lost in some sort of cyber sinkhole).

When you think of fantasy, you probably imagine dwarves and elves, orcs and dragons, gryphons, all types of fantastical beasts, naturally. My first exposure into this genre was actually far from it, The Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce. PS’s book brought me back to that type of fantasy vibe.

The Oath and Blood Price (part one) follows Thalkin, a scrawny orphaned teen who maneuvers his way through the city and survives by trading information for skills or goods, until his foster family takes a chance on him.

What drew me to Thalkin’s character was his relatability. I’m a former foster youth and I dealt with a lot of identity issues about who I was and where I fit in, and Thalkin said a lot of what I was feeling when I was his age.

This was the first fantasy book that I’ve managed to get sucked into since Children of Blood and Bone came out, which is saying a lot because obviously I’m a bit picky. Between the descriptive fight scenes, the banter between Thalkin and nearly everyone else (ahem, especially his bullies), and the world building, this was a perfect read and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in dipping their toes into the fantasy genre. There’s honestly so much more I want to say but I can’t without giving away spoilers. So go read it and check for links below!

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