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Jason Hyde is no stranger to extracting the darker parts of the human condition and putting it to paper. That’s exactly what we get with Pillowhumper, a contemporary fiction novel that follows Jordan Gregorek, a 30 year old self-destructive man navigating his divorce and the inner workings of his own mind.

If I could describe the novel in one word it would simply be, debauchery. Initially, when I started reading this, I got William S. Burroughs Jr. vibes. However, the further I read, the more I realized, this was its own story, much like watching a trainwreck with an inner monologue. While I found some inconsistencies, these are my thoughts, overall:

Pillowhumper follows Jordan Gregorek, a definitely not-alcoholic man (ignore my side-eye) on his downward spiral through divorce, the glorification of every woman giving him the slightest hint of interest, and ruining significant relationships.

This book is not for the faint of heart and content warnings include: graphic sexual content, alcohol abuse, and an alarming amount of swearing – the latter of which I’m known for. If you don’t mind all that, you’ll find some interesting moments that give an inside look into the mind of the average, struggling man.

I think, while mental health wasn’t a major theme that was touched on, there were implications of depression and addiction which show how men often have to hide and internalize the issues they face, including things like exploring their sexuality, being vulnerable in general, and masking any real emotion with humor. Jordan internalizes a lot and as a result of that and not reaching out for help, he continuously finds himself in toxic cycles with brief moments of wanting to improve his quality of life.

I wish we could have seen more growth from the character and a little more depth in the supporting characters as well, but overall, it was an interesting read.

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