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To Be Your Girl – Rae Kennedy [Review]

I don’t automatically pick up romance books, not for any particular reason; I think I just hadn’t found anything that hooked me ever since I read the Goddess series by P.C. Cast, which was over a decade ago.

But I adore Rae Kennedy, so naturally I wanted to read a couple of her books. This is the first review of two in the series (the next will probably be posted later this summer).

When To Be Your Girl (the first in the To Be Yours series) was delivered, I was stoked. I’m talking, can’t wait for my alone time, let’s see what my witty, gorgeous friend has concocted for us readers, STOKED. She did not disappoint.

This book follows Haley on her journey to finishing her anthropology degree… and, oops, falling in love with someone she definitely has no business falling for. Her brother’s best friend and roommate, Cade Renner. Oh, did I mention, she moved in with them? There’s no possibility of angst, drama, or sexual tension there, no sirree!

Cade is top-to-bottom my type: muscular, covered in tattoos, a foodie (chef, ahem), would treat me like garbage. So I am already interested. There’s chemistry from page 1 to page 299, and the smut is *chef’s kiss* delicious.

Rae has a way of writing that will have you screaming, “OMG JUST DO IT ALREADY” but like any sadist… I mean, author, she has us yearning until the final, satisfying moment. Or in this case, moments. What, you think you’d only get one smutty scene? No, not with Rae’s books! I can’t tell you how many moments I was squirming, wishing I could just smoosh these characters together like dolls.

Not only that but I was incredibly impressed with the character development in this book that had me empathizing with them, even though I am the complete opposite of Haley – I don’t date and I definitely don’t do feelings (unless I’m writing, but that’s a different story). I managed to get through 224 pages of 299 before I broke down crying, and if an author can bring me to tears, then bravo!

Whether it’s your first time picking up romance, or your five-hundredth time, I highly recommend Rae Kennedy’s To Be Yours series.

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