Tinder Highlights

Dating After Divorce

I never thought I would put so much of my personal life on blast, yet here I am writing an autobiographical self-help book on dating and living your best h*e life smack dab in the middle of a pandemic. Who would have thought?

No surprise, I am back on Tinder swiping mostly left, let’s be honest. But it’s strange to be dating again. I dated a guy back in December-January and it was fun while it lasted, but it’s a little surreal to put myself out there again, especially now that the divorce is approaching its one year anniversary.

Since re-downloading Tinder I’ve managed to match up with about 30 people who have caught my eye. But my goodness, it’s like wading through mud hoping to find a nice rock that hopefully won’t murder me. All the while, I have to explain over and over again that I need conversation before I go out on a date with someone, and that because I have my kids half the time, my availability is limited.

Thus far, I’ve managed to plan two dates within a few days of each other (and… canceled the second one already). Perhaps most shocking of all is that both of them are water signs; a Cancer and a Scorpio (big gasp, I know). Not shocking, however, is that the Scorpio somehow found my Twitter and was creeping on my fleets – fleets are stories that disappear after 24 hours. I don’t mind anyone looking in on my social media, but I’m not overly fond of having someone look me up on a platform that I never offered them in the first place.

Naturally I peeked in on his Twitter – it seemed only fair, right? You find my Twitter and creep on my fleets, I creep back. Well, I found that we had polarizing views so… as kindly as I could, I notified him (today is Saturday, our date was supposed to be Wednesday) that I would be canceling. He liked the message but he seems to have blocked or restricted me. Either way, it’s kind of a relief.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories in the next coming months so stay tuned!!

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