Your Book is Bad

This post contains a very controversial opinion but I stand by it. My life motto is: I said what I said, and I said it with my chest. So here we go:

I’m very picky when it comes to the books I spend my time on. If I don’t like the blurb on the back, I might not pick it up at all, but I try to look at reviews if I’m particularly iffy on a book. Even then, if I end up thinking the book is trash, I still have a hard time not finishing it (even if I’m judging the absolute hell out of it the entire way and mentally roasting it).

But we’ve all struggled with Imposter Syndrome, and written some god-awful pages to convince us that we’re just not good enough. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad (the editing process has a purpose, after all).

So what happens when you get nothing but negative reviews? What if you wrote a bad book, with a cardboard cut-out character whom no one can connect with, or a plot that doesn’t seem to go anywhere? What if you have so many grammatical errors that people have reviewed it, calling it a first draft dumpster fire?

Maybe no one else will pick it up, maybe your sales will drop after the initial release. But maybe someone, someday will find it and connect with it. I’ve found that even the worst books I’ve ever read have had a few five or four star ratings. Some of my friends have truly enjoyed books that I could barely get through.

At the end of the day, the accomplishment is that you dedicated your time and energy to put words to page. That is the true celebration of success. Not the five star ratings, not the buzz within the bookish community, nor the paycheck; those are just added bonuses. So celebrate yourself for doing that much.

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