The 12 Universal Laws [Part 3 of 4]

If you missed the first two posts, you can start here. Continuing the breakdown of the 12 Universal Laws:

Law of Attraction: This is the universal law that spiritual gurus hype up the most, but without knowledge of the others, you’re missing out. This law coincides with the law of vibration and the law of compensation, in that energies attract like energies. I realized I was a powerful manifestor when the power of my mind alone would attract the things I was focused on most – merely thinking about someone managed to attract them straight into my DMs. Your thoughts, actions, feelings, and energy can attract exactly that.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: Looking back at the law of vibration, understanding this law and putting it into practice gives you the power to change what isn’t serving you. You can raise the vibrations around you.

Law of Relativity: This law states that everything happening to you is actually for your greater good and growth. It’s truly up to you how you use a series of events or situations. This law can help you reach your higher self.

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