Ebook vs Print Books

Let me preface this by saying, one is not better than the other. One form of literary consumption is not superior. I personally love audiobooks, which I’ll also be including in this. Audiobooks make it easier to escape into a world not my own, while I’m driving or at work, where I’m alone the majority of my day.

However, there’s something I’ve noticed, looking at the trend predictions for 2022 in the world of publishing, which is: despite the paper shortage, print books remain the preferred purchase of literature.

In the age of accessibility, where you don’t have to drive to the bookstore or order a print copy of your favorite author’s newest book, you can easily hop on Amazon or Apple to download an ebook and have it immediately. Yet, print books outsell ebooks 4-to-1!

Let’s back up for a moment and talk about the paper shortage. Paper is made from wood pulp. As supply and demand goes, the demand for paper rose during the pandemic, and the supply of wood pulp dropped. Print books aren’t even the only demand being affected by this, there’s also your every day paper goods, office supplies, cardboard, etc.

While that’s an issue, people still buy print books, because who doesn’t love the comforting smell of a new book that they get to fall in love with? A prediction I’d like to make for the years of 2022-2025 is that ebooks and audiobooks will eventually become the preferred method – again, not because either are superior. I love my collection of paperbacks and hardcover books and always will, but for the purpose of accessibility and not becoming part of the shortage issue, I’m rooting for ebooks and audiobooks.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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