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The Chest by Jackie Mojica [Review]

I had the great honor to sit with Jackie (in a manner of speaking) to go over all things horror. Unfortunately many life events threw a wrench in my plans of promoting her book and the author herself. However, I did get the chance to read The Chest by Jackie Mojica and I was floored!

The ebook has 22 pages, and you can easily read it before you head to work, while you’re waiting in line at the DMV, or before bed… though I’m not sure I’d recommend the latter, if you’re prone to nightmares.

That’s right. The Chest is a supernatural horror that centers around, you guessed it, an old wooden chest and the power it possesses.

Without giving away spoilers, this book delves into the corruption of curiosity, ancient family secrets, and of course, a little vengeance as seasoning. If you’re looking for a terrifying, but quick read, this is the book for you. Check it out on Amazon and don’t forget to leave a review – something I need to get better at doing!

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