New Content on BMAC

This year I knew I had a ton of short stories to complete for submission, but the other day I was driving and passed a cemetery when the age-old superstition popped into my head.

“Hold your breath when driving past a cemetery, or you might breathe in jealous spirits.” At least, that’s one version of the phrase. It got me to thinking about the spirit’s side of things, and thus “Hold Your Breath” was born.

Unfortunately, I got a sinus infection when that burst of inspiration hit, draining me of the energy to follow through and write it, but today I finished it and it’s ready to view here. Most of my content on BMAC is free, but I’m thinking of posting short stories once or twice a month for members.

If you’re interested in more short stories, or my eventual return to the city of Idlewild where I post free chapters of my fast food fantasy, go head over to my BMAC account and keep the notifications on.

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