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Add A Little Spice | Daughters Update

It’s finally here! After over a year, I’ve got the next chapter of Daughters of Sugar and Ash up and ready for your literary consumption. Things are heating up between a certain human and Ari as she does a little digging into the bog witch she was hired to investigate.

I had to cut this chapter in half because it was just too long and I’d rather people enjoy this story in bite-sized pieces, than to feel overwhelmed with information.

This urban fantasy started as a venting fic about working in the food service industry for a greedy corporation, and while that’s still a theme, I really like the way this story is developing. I’ve been bombarded with scenes playing out in my head that I hadn’t originally planned.

I was planning on having three chapters spread throughout April and May, but since I threw out my back yesterday, I had nothing better to do than to post this new chapter.

Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Check out the newest chapter here.

On April 3rd, I’m kicking off my first tier on BMAC, which gives you between 1-4 short stories each month! These are all original from my weird little brain. April’s story is dystopian with a splash of dark fantasy. Hit that follow button for more of these updates and I’ll see you when I see you.

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