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Patience and Prey | Sprite Story Update

The past month and a half have been a whirlwind of emotions and unfortunate events that I still haven't fully processed. I don't do well with stress and tend to bury it in an effort to keep going with the daily responsibilities of life, which eventually leads to burn out. What can I say, that's… Continue reading Patience and Prey | Sprite Story Update

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The Complexity of the Human Experience

One of the things people tell you to do in business is to niche down. You want to create art? Pick a style and stick with it. You want to open a restaurant? Come up with a theme and ride it hard. You want to be a writer? Choose one or two genres (in similar… Continue reading The Complexity of the Human Experience

Book Reviews

The Shield Road by Dewi Hargreaves [Review]

Dewi, Dewi, Dewi. The King of Secrets (that’s why his hair is so big), He Who Privately Works On Stories and Drops Them Like Creative Bombs. I finally finished Dewi Hargreaves’s debut, The Shield Road, and it did not disappoint! My TBR is all over the place but when I saw a couple friends on… Continue reading The Shield Road by Dewi Hargreaves [Review]


New Content on BMAC

This year I knew I had a ton of short stories to complete for submission, but the other day I was driving and passed a cemetery when the age-old superstition popped into my head. "Hold your breath when driving past a cemetery, or you might breathe in jealous spirits." At least, that's one version of… Continue reading New Content on BMAC


February Goals

A day late. I know, but change doesn't happen overnight, right? I decided not to make goals for January because, well I really wasn't thinking about it, and with a touch of the ADHD, making plans when I'm super motivated ends up in self-sabotage and disappointment. But as I mentioned in my Oops, I'm back… Continue reading February Goals