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Spotlight: Chad Ryan

It's finally October, and this month I want to showcase some of my favorite authors in the horror genre! I'd like to welcome Chad Ryan as my very first Author Spotlight! Chad is the co-founder of fresh-off-the-press indie publishing company, Lost Boys Press with Ashley Hutchison. He's also the author of the chilling horror novel,… Continue reading Spotlight: Chad Ryan


Scammers in the Writing Community

One of the cool parts about being a writer these days is how accessible publishing is. You can easily format your book, pick cover art, and boom! Published! However, there's a discussion to be had about those in the community using their following to sell their books that are mislabeled and falsely advertised. For example,… Continue reading Scammers in the Writing Community


Happiness Isn’t For Me

There are entire books dedicated to this theme of overcoming adversity to pursue happiness. I'm starting to think people are putting this idea of Happiness on a pedestal, as the ultimate goal to strive for. There's beautiful moodboards, quotes, a plethora of artistic platforms dedicated to this idea. This Golden Shining Emotion which... in my… Continue reading Happiness Isn’t For Me

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The Little Door [review]

Who doesn't love a good fantasy where a character from our world gets dropped into a completely foreign place with unrecognizable creatures and beings? The Little Door by Stormy Lyn is exactly that and so much more. Amidst her parents divorce, Rose is sent off to her grandparents place, the setting of her first ever… Continue reading The Little Door [review]


The 12 Universal Laws [Part 4 of 4]

If you're new here, check out this post for more info. Continuing the explanation for the 12 universal laws: Law of Polarity: I love this law for this phrase alone, "my dark days help me appreciate my light days". This law states that everything has an opposing side. As someone with depression, I have my… Continue reading The 12 Universal Laws [Part 4 of 4]


The 12 Universal Laws [Part 3 of 4]

If you missed the first two posts, you can start here. Continuing the breakdown of the 12 Universal Laws: Law of Attraction: This is the universal law that spiritual gurus hype up the most, but without knowledge of the others, you're missing out. This law coincides with the law of vibration and the law of… Continue reading The 12 Universal Laws [Part 3 of 4]


The 12 Universal Laws [Part 2 of 4]

Last week we covered the first 3 universal laws. This week we're going over the next three and we'll do the same for the next two Sundays as well. If you missed the first post, check it out here. Continuing: Law of Correspondence: This law has more to do with the way you speak to… Continue reading The 12 Universal Laws [Part 2 of 4]


I Refuse to Write Bad Reviews

I've seen every version of a bad book review from, "It didn't resonate with me, but it might for someone" to harsh roasting. I've been guilty of the former mentally, but I can't bring myself to actively type out words and bash a book (other than Twilight, but I mean... are you kidding me, it's… Continue reading I Refuse to Write Bad Reviews


The 12 Universal Laws [Part 1/4]

I've been wanting to be more transparent about spirituality and my own journey for awhile. I started my spiritual journey several years ago, but only managed to start manifesting actively in the last 12 months. I'm not sure I could ever consider myself an expert, but I have learned a lot and wanted to share… Continue reading The 12 Universal Laws [Part 1/4]