What are Cozy Mysteries?

Anytime I tell people what my main genre of writing is (because I can't limit myself to one, but it's the one most of my projects fall under), I get this question: Literally, what the fresh f#%! is a cozy, Raine? I don't really know what folks expect me to say so I always go… Continue reading What are Cozy Mysteries?


Diversity in Books

There's no doubt that diversity has expanded in mainstream publishing in recent years. We've seen PoC and LGBTQAI+ characters being pushed more, especially in teen lit, which is great. But is it enough? I grew up privileged, yet blind to that privilege, because my hometown was filled with so much culture that it was what… Continue reading Diversity in Books


Fall Into… Me?

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin spice lattes are making all of us basic bitches throw on our uggs and flannels... ok, that's a stretch for those of us in the southwest. I wouldn't be caught dead in anything but shorts and tanktops until mid-November when the temperature finally starts to drop. Despite the… Continue reading Fall Into… Me?

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P.S.S. Chapter Seven

Most people didn't think of warm and fuzzy things when it came to a medical examiner's office. What usually came to mind was cold steel, beakers, maybe a little fridge with vials filled with fluid samples. And death, of course. Lots and lots of death. Addy certainly wasn't expecting the amount of bright colors splashed… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Seven


P.S.S. Chapter Six

"What?" Kayla growled in Addy's ear. "Good morning, sunshine," she tapped the speakerphone button and set the phone down, as she unloaded the dishwasher. It had felt like ages since she last slept in and she found herself feeling a little restless, even after receiving a text from Maggie that she wouldn't be needed in… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Six