Letters I'll Never Send

I don’t think we should talk anymore

I've heard that writing letters can help you move through emotions and understand them, without ever having to send them to the people that you're directing the letters to, so I wanted to try that. Dear Himbo (I can't help but use nicknames rather than real names and it spares them the humility/shame), Yesterday was… Continue reading I don’t think we should talk anymore


My Current WIP Playlist

I'm pleased to know that I'm not alone in utilizing music when it comes to the writing process. It makes sense, doesn't it? Music is one of the most powerful forms of creativity and expression. Naturally, it can only aid in our routine! The project that I'm editing/formatting (which I definitely won't be making my… Continue reading My Current WIP Playlist


Leave Your Toxic Relationship Now

Between my Twitter friends and my real life friends (and my own personal life experiences), it breaks my heart to see people stuck in these unhappy, imbalanced relationships. I've dealt with a narcissist in the past, so I think I have some room to talk on this - and I really wish that wasn't the… Continue reading Leave Your Toxic Relationship Now


As an Empath, I…

If you were to ask me what the most irritating start of a sentence was, I'd tell you it's the title of this blog post. I've had conversations between friends about the amount of egomaniacs and actual narcissists who use, "As an empath, I-" because the thing about an empath is that they don't feel… Continue reading As an Empath, I…


I give up

Its not even noon and the amount of discouraging tweets I've seen in the writing community is staggering. Call me a broken record, but Mercury is in retrograde for another day and the fact that there's a consensus of people feeling unmotivated in their writing careers makes me just a little relieved that we might… Continue reading I give up


Killer Dreams

Last night, I had one of the most bizarre dreams I can actively recall. I have a fairly active unconscious mind, so I dream often and I dream big. This time? I'm not gonna lie, it was a little frightening and confusing. Here goes: In the dream, I lived in an apartment complex which reminded… Continue reading Killer Dreams

Book Reviews

Dead and Breakfast – REVIEW

Another Thursday review for you all and this time, we head to Oregon with Melanie West and Liza Harris (Melanie's grandmother) as they work against a deadline to open their bed and breakfast, The Merry Ghost Inn, a reportedly haunted mansion perfectly set right along the beach. Although a beautiful setting for Dead and Breakfast:… Continue reading Dead and Breakfast – REVIEW

Book Reviews

How It All Blew Up – REVIEW

I picked this book up, knowing the target audience was LGBTQ+. A lot of people don't know, but I'm part of the alphabet mafia. I think the reason people don't know, unless we talk on a regular basis, is because I never really had to "come out". I was never in the closet about my… Continue reading How It All Blew Up – REVIEW