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Sprinkle with Murder – REVIEW

This book pretty much fell into my lap. I was looking for cozy mysteries without any other requirements - just your good ol' reliable, light-hearted murder mystery, right? I did that typical "judge a book by its cover" thing that we're all guilty of. Don't even try to lie to me, there's been a book… Continue reading Sprinkle with Murder – REVIEW

Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice, Uncategorized

P.S.S. Chapter Seven

Most people didn't think of warm and fuzzy things when it came to a medical examiner's office. What usually came to mind was cold steel, beakers, maybe a little fridge with vials filled with fluid samples. And death, of course. Lots and lots of death. Addy certainly wasn't expecting the amount of bright colors splashed… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Seven

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P.S.S. Chapter Four

To M/M Employees: Budgetary cuts will be in effect immediately including the shut-down of bakery and meat departments until further notice. This is strictly temporary. Your job is not at risk and if you require immediate employment, we will find a place for you in a different department or at the Kalamazoo location. Attached is… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Four

Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice

P.S.S: Chapter Two

Addy pulled her mom's Civic into one of the free spaces behind the building in East Grandloc, waiting for her mom to zoom in. It was a quarter to four in the morning, two hours before the opening of The Sweet Rack. Her mother had worked every day of Addy's existence to make her dream… Continue reading P.S.S: Chapter Two

Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice

P.S.S: Chapter One

"It's not even October yet." Addison March grumbled more to herself than anyone as she wrapped her faux Burberry scarf around her neck, making her way to the entrance of Miller Market. It was two in the morning and the first day of her new job. The Michigan air was crisp with the bite of… Continue reading P.S.S: Chapter One