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Dead and Breakfast – REVIEW

Another Thursday review for you all and this time, we head to Oregon with Melanie West and Liza Harris (Melanie's grandmother) as they work against a deadline to open their bed and breakfast, The Merry Ghost Inn, a reportedly haunted mansion perfectly set right along the beach. Although a beautiful setting for Dead and Breakfast:… Continue reading Dead and Breakfast – REVIEW

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Sprinkle with Murder – REVIEW

This book pretty much fell into my lap. I was looking for cozy mysteries without any other requirements - just your good ol' reliable, light-hearted murder mystery, right? I did that typical "judge a book by its cover" thing that we're all guilty of. Don't even try to lie to me, there's been a book… Continue reading Sprinkle with Murder – REVIEW


What are Cozy Mysteries?

Anytime I tell people what my main genre of writing is (because I can't limit myself to one, but it's the one most of my projects fall under), I get this question: Literally, what the fresh f#%! is a cozy, Raine? I don't really know what folks expect me to say so I always go… Continue reading What are Cozy Mysteries?

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The White Magic Five and Dime | Book Review

Initially, I picked up this book, The White Magic Five and Dime by Steve Hockensmith and Lisa Falco, because I was looking for something based in Arizona. Most cozies I read are based either on the East Coast or along the Pacific Northwest, so I wanted something different - and I live in the desert… Continue reading The White Magic Five and Dime | Book Review

Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice, Uncategorized

P.S.S. Chapter Seven

Most people didn't think of warm and fuzzy things when it came to a medical examiner's office. What usually came to mind was cold steel, beakers, maybe a little fridge with vials filled with fluid samples. And death, of course. Lots and lots of death. Addy certainly wasn't expecting the amount of bright colors splashed… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Seven


P.S.S. Chapter Six

"What?" Kayla growled in Addy's ear. "Good morning, sunshine," she tapped the speakerphone button and set the phone down, as she unloaded the dishwasher. It had felt like ages since she last slept in and she found herself feeling a little restless, even after receiving a text from Maggie that she wouldn't be needed in… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Six

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P.S.S. Chapter Five

The next morning, Addy woke up begrudgingly, feeling very much as though she had been in a coma after getting hit by a semi truck. Every muscle in her body ached from the quantity of kneading, bending, twisting, and walking. The tension from knowing there was a killer somewhere in town probably didn't help. The… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Five

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P.S.S. Chapter Four

To M/M Employees: Budgetary cuts will be in effect immediately including the shut-down of bakery and meat departments until further notice. This is strictly temporary. Your job is not at risk and if you require immediate employment, we will find a place for you in a different department or at the Kalamazoo location. Attached is… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Four

Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice, Uncategorized

P.S.S. Chapter Three

Staying in her mom's modest two bedroom was surreal. Most of the place looked the same, even her room was practically untouched. The only indication that anyone had been in her room was the fact that there was no dust collecting on her shelves of books, her desk, or any other surface. It was as… Continue reading P.S.S. Chapter Three

Pumpkin Sliced Sacrifice

P.S.S: Chapter Two

Addy pulled her mom's Civic into one of the free spaces behind the building in East Grandloc, waiting for her mom to zoom in. It was a quarter to four in the morning, two hours before the opening of The Sweet Rack. Her mother had worked every day of Addy's existence to make her dream… Continue reading P.S.S: Chapter Two