What are Cozy Mysteries?

Anytime I tell people what my main genre of writing is (because I can't limit myself to one, but it's the one most of my projects fall under), I get this question: Literally, what the fresh f#%! is a cozy, Raine? I don't really know what folks expect me to say so I always go… Continue reading What are Cozy Mysteries?


Diversity in Books

There's no doubt that diversity has expanded in mainstream publishing in recent years. We've seen PoC and LGBTQAI+ characters being pushed more, especially in teen lit, which is great. But is it enough? I grew up privileged, yet blind to that privilege, because my hometown was filled with so much culture that it was what… Continue reading Diversity in Books

Book Reviews

The White Magic Five and Dime | Book Review

Initially, I picked up this book, The White Magic Five and Dime by Steve Hockensmith and Lisa Falco, because I was looking for something based in Arizona. Most cozies I read are based either on the East Coast or along the Pacific Northwest, so I wanted something different - and I live in the desert… Continue reading The White Magic Five and Dime | Book Review